Friday, April 20, 2012

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 What a truly amazing aspect of our anatomy is the human eye. Made up of the cornea, sclera, and retina it is what provides us with the breathtaking ability to view the world around us in full technicolor.
Unfortunately, there are instances where the human eye does not function to its true potential, and in these cases action is needed to keep it working smoothly and to capacity.

An example of a fairly common eye disorder that can be overcome, or at least kept under control, is Keratoconus, or Conical Cornea. This occurs when the front region of the eyeball becomes conical in shape. It is believed to be a progressive stage of either myopia or astigmatism. It can be treated though, by the employment of eye-relaxing techniques, which cause the eye to relax thus giving it a chance to strengthen. The Bates Method, or variations thereof, recommend this form of treatment as it relieves the pressure placed upon the eyeball.

Another eye disorder, which can be helped by natural methods, is Macular Degeneration. This condition usually affects the elderly and is due to damage to the retina, resulting in a loss of vision in the center of the visual field. The root causes of this disease, however, are lack of exercise, smoking, stress, and a variety of other lifestyle and genetic factors.
The Bates technique of shifting one's focus in a `swaying' motion, helps by improving circulation to the eyeball by relaxing and relieving strain.

Ocular headache is a disorder that often causes severe pain around or behind the eye and is believed to stem from tension wihin the eye muscles themselves. This condition is often accompanied by a retinal or ocular migraine, whereby an infarct or vascular spasm occurs behind the eye. The Bates Method visual technique has a lot of success easing this problem as it helps to relieve the stress and tension placed upon the eye.

The Bates Method, and variations of it, ask you to focus on an imaginary object with your eyes closed, then turn your eyes away from the object. Repetition of this excercise will aid in pain relief without having to resort to pills or other medications.

Contrary to some practitioners' current beliefs, there are natural ways to alleviate eye conditons and disorders; ones which don't involve surgery or medical interventions. The Bates Method employs techniques and exercises that can help your eyesight achieve its true potential, simply by focusing on the body's innate ability to heal itself.

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